Client Testimonials

Ian is a skilled and very competent massage therapist. Clear, grounded and down-to-earth he is always willing to explain what he’s doing and why. I like that - and so do my achy muscles!


Excellent massage from Ian. Very professional taking a full history before we started and really sorting out my aching muscles


A BIG thank you as your massage was brilliant. I felt thoroughly eased and stretched, and even though my hips were a bit achey afterwards (the good kind of ache!), I noticed being much looser when I didn’t even know I was so tight. I went to bed early and I slept like a baby


I really like that Ian takes his time to understand what might be going on, at a body and muscular level. He goes the extra mile, with his time and knowledge. I always come away from having a massage feeling freer and more relaxed


Ian is really good. His massage has helped me with pain. He was recommended by a friend and I am pleased to say he is very professional, leaving the room to let you get ready, covering you up well with towels and keeping the room cosy


I am not used to bodywork but Ian's massage made me realise I should do this more often.. Maybe I am just getting older! Ian's hand and forearm pressure, carefully and thoughtfully applied, straightened out several aches and pains and I felt lighter and straighter afterwards. The whole effect was extreme relaxation and body awareness


I have been coming to see Ian for massages every month for about a year now and it has become a regular treat.  For me, the purpose of a massage is usually for overall body relaxation, rather than to work on healing a specific injury, and I feel I benefit most from quite deep tissue massage.  Ian combines a number of techniques in a really thoughtful and personalised way that suits my needs perfectly.  I think he is a fantastic massage therapist who is both skilful and professional and I highly recommend him to others. Thank you, Ian!


I was a bit apprehensive at first, because I had never had a massage from a male therapist before. What would it feel like? Would I feel safe? The answer was that I had some of my best ever massages from Ian. I felt totally comfortable in his presence. He was courteous, respectful and kind throughout, always keen to check that I was happy with what he was doing. I recommend him unreservedly


It is all too easy to carry on day to day with low level nagging aches and pains gradually eroding your wellbeing without you even realising. A series of sessions with Ian released knots and tension I had started to take for granted. And wow, what a difference. I had more energy and focus because I was physically lighter and more flexible. Don't hesitate to book, it's a worthwhile investment in yourself - as good value for your health as a holiday in the sun and much more accessible!


I decided, when changing a few things in my life to improve my wellbeing, to add in having a regular massage. It was a good decision - helped me change and contributed to me feeling better


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