What to expect

I provide therapeutic massages in a quiet treatment room in our home in the centre of Portobello, Edinburgh (see Directions & map). Before our first meeting I send you a Case History form to complete; I use this to assess your present and past health. This information is completely confidential (see my Privacy Policy) and allows me to get a picture of your general health and wellbeing.

I use a suite of massage techniques to give you the most appropriate treatment. I tailor your massage to your present condition using Swedish, Thai, myofascial, deep tissue, and hands-free strokes and warm bamboo sticks; I also offer a fully-clothed Thai Table massage. At the end of the session I may make some recommendation for stretches to assist your mobility; I can also create your own individual at-home Exercise Plan.

My massage room and couch are well heated to encourage your body to relax. I don't play music as I believe the space should be free from distraction. I check in with you periodically concerning my technique and pressure but you are invited to immerse yourself fully in the experience.

Treatment room

For some of the session I use an odourless and hypoallergenic massage oil. The massage is performed respectfully beneath towels so you always remain dignified whilst allowing me to access those muscles that require attention.

After the session you may feel drowsy or dizzy for a short while. You may also experience residual tenderness in your muscles but this sensation will pass. I encourage you to drink plenty of water after your massage and to avoid any strenuous activity or prolonged desk work - the longer you can relax, the more you will benefit from your treatment!

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