Your tailored massage

I give a general massage for relaxation or I focus on a specific area of muscular tension in your body. I always tailor my massage specifically to help you so you receive the massage that you require.

I blend a variety of massage techniques including Swedish, Thai, myofascial, deep tissue and hands-free strokes; I can also use heated bamboo sticks, hot stones, and I offer a fully-clothed Thai Table massage.

Whichever massage you choose, your session always lasts a full hour on the table.

Massage has a profoundly healing effect on the body: it boosts the immune system and impacts on emotional wellbeing by improving mood and reducing feelings of anxiety. Massage reduces heart rate and blood pressure and improves circulation; it also reduces the presence of stress hormones and relaxes the digestive system.

Apart from general wellbeing, massage is useful for addressing specific muscular issues and conditions related to tension in the body such as sciatica. Massage can reduce the intensity and severity of musculoskeletal pain and lowers the perception of pain generally.

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